About Affordable Housing Paso Robles (AHPR)

AHPR is a 50 l(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation organized to (a) acquire, rehabilitate, construct, preserve, manage, develop and finance decent affordable housing for lower-income persons in North San Luis Obispo County, including the cities of Paso Robles, Templeton, Atascadero and the County’s north coast communities (b) operate, manage and provide services and programs for affordable housing residents in the communities served; (c) lessen the financial burden of government by assisting the Paso Robles Housing Authority and other public agencies in the development and operation of self-supporting affordable housing; (d) correct blighted, deteriorated, code non-compliant and unsafe and unhealthy housing conditions in the communities served; and (e) provide recreational, vocational, educational and other services to improve social and cultural conditions of the communities served.  A seven-member Board of Directors with diverse backgrounds and experience in development, real estate, construction, education, and business oversees AHPR. The Board consists of five members from the PRHA Board and two outside members.

AHPR was established as a supporting organization of the Paso Robles Housing Authority (PRHA) to develop affordable housing and have PRHA manage the units developed. The initial developments are the four-phase Oak Park Community affordable housing projects located in Paso Robles, CA. Subsequently, since 2013, two phases have been constructed consisting of 150 LIHTC new units on approximately 13 acres of the original development. Oak Park 1 consists of 80 affordable housing units and Oak Park 2 consists of 70 affordable housing units. It is anticipated phases 3 & 4 will be constructed in the near future.  AHPR and PRHA are the co-developers and co-property managers.  

Additionally, AHPR runs a community service program known as YouthWorks for the community of Oak Park. Youth Works is an after-school educational and employability skills program transforming the lives of children ages four to twenty-one. Originally founded by PRHA in the summer of 2011 with six high school students. The programs now run under AHPR because of its 501(c) (3) status and sponsored by PRHA. The YouthWorks program has grown to over 200 children and continues to expand. YouthWorks programming occurs six days a week, after-school, and on Saturday mornings; we are open throughout the year including school and holiday breaks. All YouthWorks programs are free of charge.

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